Amber – Honey sweet and decadent, the base note of amber is pine. It creates a warm fragrance and is thought to induce peace and relaxation whilst triggering feelings of happiness.

Bergamot - A type of orange, distinctive in Earl Grey tea with a heady fragrance and shown to relieve anxiety and improve sleep quality.

Cardamom – Sweet, spicy with wooden undertones. Grown in Asia/India, traditionally used to treat digestive problems.

Cedar Wood – A woody, sweet fragrance, said to improve cerebral activity.

Citronella – A cousin to Lemongrass, this energy boosting fragrance uplifts negative moods. It is also best known as a natural insect repellent.

Eucalyptus – Strong, sharp, fresh and pungent. Refreshing effects and is seen to promote concentration.

Geranium – Sweet and soothing with a rosy aroma. Nurtures and lightens the soul. Great for balancing the mood and calming anxiety.

Jasmine – Deep, musky tones with aphrodisiacal properties, increases romantic and positive feelings.

Lavandin – Also from the lavender family, it is said to help the respiratory system. Strong and herbal.

Lavender – Promotes calmness, induces sleep and deep relaxation. A sweet and floral fragrance.

Lemon – As well as creating a clean, fresh crisp aroma, the aroma can improve mood and promotes relaxation.

Magnolia – A exotic, fruity aroma. Calming yet uplifting and can ease worry and tension in mind and body.

Mandarin – An intense, fresh scent of sweet oranges. Deeply restful, it is great to battle grouchiness and overtiredness.

Nutmeg – A sweet, spicy aroma with woody undertones, known to be an aphrodisiac, stimulating the nerves in the brain.

Orange – Though citrus scents typically energise, orange actually calms and can work as an antidepressant, giving an anti-anxiety effect. Derived from orange rinds.

Patchouli – This intoxicating scent has a dark, musky-earthy aroma and can be grounding, balancing and harmonise moods.

Peony – A romantic, powdery floral. This fragrance evokes springtime and makes for pure relaxation.

Petitgrain – Extracted from the leaves and green twigs of the bitter orange tree, so less citrusy. This intoxicating fragrance is recommended during stressful episodes, to promote calm.

Pine – An uplifting and clearing scent, imagine Pine Forests, used to eliminate fatigue and enhance concentration.

Rose – This sweet fragrance can treat anxiety and depression, PMS and known to create affection and boost libido.

Rosemary – Pungent and Lavender like. A stimulating and energising scent which is a cognitive stimulant and can help you have vivid dreams.

Sandalwood – For centuries this sweet, woody scent has been used in religious rituals and is often a base in perfumes and colognes, particularly in male grooming. It can grounding and uplift feelings.

Spearmint – This crisp, cool scent lifts up your spirits and its use can be dated back to before the Greeks. It has the power to uplift your mood and freshen your mind.

Vetivert – Derived from aromatic grasses, native to India. It has a grounding scent and creates tranquillity. Can promote concentration and memory.

White Cedar – An invigorating, sweet conifer aroma, can be physically energising.